Thrive complaints policy

Thrive takes all complaints seriously and will investigate each at the appropriate level, record the findings and actions, and maintain a complaints log.

Thrive will deal with any complaint in a clear and straightforward way and treat everyone fairly and with courtesy, and assist any complainant with making the complaint if requested.

Victimisation of a complainant, or deterring anyone from making a proper complaint, will not be tolerated.

Thrive commits to:

  • Acknowledge complaints within 48 working hours and issue a copy of the complaints procedure with the acknowledgement if requested
  • Resolve complaints within 10 working days whenever possible 
  • Offer advocacy and assistance with the procedures to the appropriate level within the organisation
  • Escalate complaints in accordance with the procedures to complainants 
  • Produce a complaints log which will be monitored at senior management meetings and made available to the HR sub-committee and the Board of Trustees.

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